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Summer is just around the corner.

One thing we have noticed over the years working in the air conditioning industry is people really rely on their air conditioners during extreme heat or extreme cold but they do not prepare for the extremes before they arrive.

With well insulated and designed homes people find that they may not need to use their air-conditioning system during the nice spring weather.

However you don’t want your system to let you down at the beginning of a heat wave because it’s the first time you have really tested the performance since the extremes of winter.

We highly recommend testing your system before it gets too late and service agents are booked out.

It doesn’t take that long to clean your filters and test a system.

Clean your return air filter and if the material looks tatty or has holes in it get it replaced. A filter with holes in it allows dust to build up on your air-conditioning unit and will affect its ability to air-condition your home.

Make sure your air conditioner works in both heating and cooling mode. If it isn’t working in either mode organise someone to take a look.

Check the operation of any zones in the home. Even in the study / spare room. You never know when a guest may show up and the last thing you want is to not have them comfortable.

Something which takes a few minutes of your time could mean the difference between a comfortable home through summer and suffering through a heatwave.



The Ductair Team

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8 things to look for when buying an air-conditioning system

1: Do your own background research. Speak to family and friends and ask them about their experiences with their systems, how much their systems cost to run, how comfortable they are in extreme weather etc.

2: What type of system will suit your family’s life style, ducted reverse cycle, split system or evaporative? Each system has its own pro's and con's and everyone has their own opinions on there performance.

3: How much does it cost to run? With the ever increasing energy prices it is becoming more and more important to get energy efficient products and this doesn’t just include the air conditioning unit. The system design, install and very importantly the duct and fittings have a huge impact on the performance of the whole system. You don’t want to buy a cheap system now only to find you have a huge electricity bill every quarter. Remember the air conditioner will be in your home for the next 20 years and think what the cost of power will be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years.

4: What brand of duct and fittings? Well of course we will say that the Ductair product range is the best you can get but do your own research to prove this point to yourself. (we are confident you will agree)

5: Value for money should be your biggest concern, buying from someone because they are offering cheap systems may not necessarily pay off if you need to spend thousands of dollars fixing it.

6: What brand of unit? With the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) being enforced by the state government the top few brands of air conditioning units are very simular in their performance, however you will find back up service speed, quality and costs do vary.

7: How noisy is the unit? The outdoor unit noise can be of concern to yourself and your neighbours. The last thing you want is for neighbours to complain and have to relocate a noisy outdoor unit, this will be a very expensive process.  The indoor unit noise is also another issue to think about – it can be very annoying to listen to the drone of your air conditioner when you are relaxing or trying to sleep.

8: How professional is the company you buy it from? As we have discussed above air conditioning systems need to be designed specifically for your home and lifestyle. There are many well trained and experienced people in the air conditioning industry as well as a few not so professional or experienced.


The Ductair Team

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Ductair are entering the world of social media blogs. Why?

Well Firstly, we are very focused on our search engine optimisation (SEO) and being involved in social media (Facebook, Twitter) will help your website rank highly in search rankings.

Secondly we have lot to say about energy efficiency, sustainability and air conditioning in general and we know these are important topics in society today.

In our future blogs we will address topics such as:

  • Why we have taken the step of being carbon neutral, what it means and how we did it?
  • Why we have a green pack range of products and how they improve energy efficiency?
  • Tips on how you can further reduce your energy usage in your home.
  • And many more topics.

So please check back regularly and join in the discussion, you never know you might just enjoy learning something about air conditioning.


The Ductair Team


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